07 December 2006

Don't worry, be happy!

Today's photo was for an assignment that was given to me: to take a photo­graph in such a way that it expresses the emotion I was having about the subject. It was a very difficult assignment (you try it!). I spent the afternoon on Granville Island trying to find things to photograph that I had any emotions about whatsoever. There weren't many. My emotions aren't normally triggered that way, it turns out. This was the only halfway decent photo I got out of the assignment, and even it is a little bit cheesy. But cute. And it still makes me smile when I see it. Hope it does you, too.

The mystery photo from yesterday is still open for guesses.

1 comment:

Iambic Admonit said...

I love it! I don't think it's cheesy! We all need to smile more. :)


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