09 March 2008

Just to show that I'm multifaceted

I went to a Barenaked Ladies concert tonight, as the guest of a friend of mine who knows the wife of the owner of the casino-theatre where the concert was held. If that doesn't make you chuckle, I've already chuckled enough for both of us. First, the idea me of going to a concert in a casino is pretty incongruous. And that I'd be listening to a band with a name like that is amusing. But don't worry; the name is just silly. They are all men, in fact, and they wear clothes. It's a popular Canadian alternative rock band. They have a wacky sense of humor and they support the World Wildlife Fund, just to give you a bit of an idea of what they're like. Anyway, I brought my little Canon G9 along, as it goes everywhere with me in my purse. I took pictures throughout the whole concert, and got some pretty nice shots. That made me enjoy the concert even more, though I think I would have liked it even just for the music. The words were funny (when I could make them out). Thankfully, it wasn't ear-splittingly loud, as the two other rock concerts I've been to in my life were. But to be honest, I'm still more of a classical music lover.

The first photo above is of an enormous disco ball that was hanging from the ceiling in the theatre. The photo below is of singer-guitarist Steven Page. Not a bad zoom shot on that G9 (compare with the middle photo which was taken with no zoom). 6x optical zoom compounded with 4x digital gets me up to 24x.

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