08 July 2008

Production stills

Well, life has been a roller coaster for the past month or so. I was away for a couple of weeks in mid-June (family reunion in New York, etc.), and two days before I left, my dog was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. So I've had my hands full taking care of her and preparing myself to say goodbye. It's been a very precious time. Nothing slows life down like waiting for death. We are taking things one day at a time, as each day could be her last. It's amazing how much more I notice when I'm slowing down like this.

In the midst of it all, I've still had time for a fun new endeavor. I have the privilege of being the stills photographer for a film called "Pop Switch" that a friend of mine is directing, starring Lucia Frangione and Michael Kopsa. Here's an interesting video on what a stills photographer does. Here's a still from the film and some shots I took of the filmmakers at work.

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