11 April 2009

SoFoBoMo at risk

Woe is me. My computer crashed and the hard disk is toast. I stupidly had it configured as RAID 0, not RAID 1 (I hadn't really understood all that stuff) so I don't have a duplicate drive to jump back in and keep going as if nothing had happened, as I thought I would. My latest full external backup of the drive was over four months ago (again, stupid; I should be doing them nightly). I've got the disk down at a data recovery specialist place and they will be able to retrieve it all, but it doesn't sound like they will return me a bootable drive exactly identical to the one that died. I think they're just going to get my files back for me and put them on an external drive. I will have to start fresh with a new install of the OS and reinstall all my software, etc. Very time consuming. Bleeacchh! This is a major setback and might put my entry into SoFoBoMo at risk.

No photos to share today, as I haven't been taking any, since I don't have anywhere to put them to process them and don't want to get too far ahead of myself until the computer is back up and running.


Billie said...

Oh No, Rosie. This is a disaster. So time consuming even if you can regain all your data. Just getting up and running again takes time. I'm sorry but don't give up on SoFoBoMo yet.

Anita Jesse said...

I am so sorry. We all understand what a blow this is, but I hope it doesn't sink your SoFoBoMo project. You have given us all a warning about those pesky backups.

J. Evan Kreider said...

Ouch! Forget nightmares about starting to write a final exam, only to realize you forgot to attend the course. This is Much Worse.


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