23 January 2007


Rivendell PanoramaSmall detour from the New Zealand series, as I just have to share something fun with you today. I recently purchased a really cool program called PanoramaPlus 3. It automatically stitches together a panorama out of multiple photos of a subject, even if they are not perfectly aligned. (It uses software technology called autostitch that was developed at UBC. While PanoramaPlus is a commercial product, Autostich is free, if you want to try out the barebones tool to see if you like it.)

I spent this past weekend at Rivendell retreat center on Bowen Island, which gave me a perfect opportunity to take a bunch of pictures of an expansive view to make into a panorama. This photo is the result of running five photos (taken to roughly cover the whole view, with some overlap) through PanoramaPlus. I then did some touching up of the sky in Photoshop to fix artifacts from the multiple perspectives on the roof-line that were left marring the sky in the stitched-together result. Everything else was perfectly seamless!

Who needs to lug around a view camera when you can do this?

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