11 February 2007

Gannet domestic violence

Now you see the real reason why gannets build their nests just beyond pecking distance from each other! This one seemed a bit angry that its space was encroached upon. Or maybe it was a couple having a marital spat. See how the others are looking on to see what all the fuss is about.

On Friday I just dropped off two framed enlargement prints of two photos which I've featured here on the blog ("Jesus of the Hoops" and "Faith of a Child") for the annual Regent Community art exhibit at the Lookout Gallery at Regent College. The exhibit opens next Wednesday.

I also am psyched that I finally bought a mat cutter for myself, a Logan 750 SimplexPlus. I took a matting and framing course last year, but have not until now been able to really do the whole process myself at home.

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