13 April 2008

SoFoBoMo: A splash of color

This was a fountain I saw in San Antonio, near the River Walk. The "splash of color" looks like an Andy Goldsworthy creation, but it's got random twigs and dead petals in it, which he'd never do. His works are so perfect. So evidently the petals were formed into that shapely splotch by the flow of water from the fountain.

I'm still not seeing a theme emerge for my SoFoBoMo book, so it might end up being random photos. Today I went out walking with my dog and my camera, like what Paul Butzi has been doing for his SoFoBoMo project. Nothing great came of that. It's hard to take good dog pictures when you've got to keep your dog on a leash, which I do in my neighborhood, since she's going deaf, and there are cars, and she's prone to wandering off and getting into people's trash.

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Iambic Admonit said...

Rosie, this photo is really astonishing! I love it! It's got to be one of my favorites ever. So surprising, so perfect and yet unstylized. It's full of sharp contrasts that are yet not the usual contrasts. So, pink and blue are often showcased as contrasts, but not these particular shades, which are new and softer and thus make me wider awake to the individual colors and how they work as foils. Then there's the horiztonal lines of the steps (?) against the gentle circular massing of the petals -- lovely! Wow. It makes me think of all the sterotypical themes (art vs. nature, antiquity vs. new life, hard and soft, old and young, statis vs. fulidity) in brand-new ways. Thanks!


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