07 October 2008

After the rain


Koichi Kobayashi said...

On a leaflet I received upon entering the garden, on the third line, it says that ......this Shinto ---style stroll garden ....

Where did this information come from? Is this correct?

Rosie Perera said...

Are you commenting about my Nitobe Garden post? Because this photo here of the leaves after the rain is not from Nitobe Garden. I believe it was from my garden at home, on a completely different day.

As for your question about the leaflet, I have no idea where they got their information. Or are you asking where I got my information that appears to conflict with what the leaflet says? My understanding is that it has elements of both: traditional Japanese (Shinto) garden and some Christian symbolism. The people who lead the garden tours don't talk about the Christian background, but it was a Japanese Christian friend of mine who explained that to me. Thanks for your interest. I wish you'd posted this on the other post though. If you repost your question there, I will move my answer there.


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