04 October 2008

A view of Vancouver you don't often see

Sorry I haven't posted in a while again. This shot looking east over the Port of Vancouver, along the Burrard Inlet, was taken from the observation deck at the top of Harbour Centre. It isn't what you usually think of when you think of scenes of Vancouver. But even Vancouver's "ugly" bits (the commercial port area) are beautiful. There's an enormous bright yellow pile of something-or-other (sulfur, I suppose) across the inlet from downtown, which is quite cheery. In this photo, I like the colorful rows of containers and cranes, and how they form a pair of converging lines that draw your eye towards Burnaby Mountain off in the distance.

1 comment:

Micheal said...

Thank you for this photo. I love this side of Vancouver, and I remember the big yellow pile with great fondness. I don't think I've ever seen something so massive, so industrial, and so flower-like all at the same time.


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