11 November 2006

Welcome to my photo blog!

I'm going to attempt to post one photo a day. This will force me to slow down and make space for God in my day, and be disciplined about doing some regular creative work. It's also a nod to photographer Jim Brandenburg who first gave me this idea with his Chased By the Light project. See also Photojojo's article on the benefits of taking one photo a day throughout the year.

Today's photo is one that I took for a Fall Photo class hosted by Van Dusen Botanical Garden last month. I took it on Oct 26 out in front of the house where my apartment is. It had been raining (one of the rare days of rain in what was a glorious October), and I liked the pattern of droplets on this leaf and its curved outline against the criss-crossed lines of the walkway. I shot it with with a 55mm lens; ISO 800; f/4 at 1/400 sec; handheld. I showed this at our critique session, and classmates suggested that I rotate the photo so the leaf vein is along a diagonal for a stronger composition. I tried that, but there isn't enough of a rectangle around the leaf in that case to make a good image, and I still kinda like it this way. I tried something else with it, though, which I'll post tomorrow.


Sørina Higgins said...

Beautiful photo, lovely writing, and an excellent idea, Rosie! I hope for the best as you pursue this--what shall I call it? discipline, exercise, practice, devotion.

~ Sorina

jayne said...

What a great idea, Rosie. Now I'll have another place to visit and be reminded of God and beauty...and you!

Rosie Perera said...

Sorry, RecedByCam, I do not cross-link with anyone who has intrusive advertising on their site.


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