05 March 2007

I'm going out to play in the snow...you come too!

Dog footprints in the snowMy dog's footprints on the back steps from one of our recent (and unusually frequent, for Vancouver) winter snowfalls.


Paul Butzi said...

Ah. Another Robert Frost fan, I see. Are you sure you weren't going out the clear the pasture spring?

Rosie Perera said...

Good on you for recognizing the allusion. Yes, he's one of my favorites. I grew up in Robert Frost country. Spent summers in Vermont, just minutes away from his old homestead. We used to go there to fill our drinking water jugs with spring water from the old hand pump at the public picnic area near his house.

It's my dog who would say "I'm going out to play in the snow...you come too!" I don't think she'd be going out to clean the pasture spring. I can't get her to clean up anything except food I've spilled on the floor.

Anonymous said...

I love that Frost poem, too, and you may recall seeing it on our wedding program.

Viola Girl


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