20 May 2007

3D Panorama of Bodega Ridge

I've just discovered Albatross Design Group's (ADG) Panorama Tools software. What fun! Here's a 3D panorama created from a number of overlapping photos I took at Bodega Ridge on Galiano Island a couple of weeks ago. I did the stitching in Photoshop, but then Panorama Tools turned it into this 3D thing that you can rotate by dragging.

I couldn't upload the panorama movie to Blogger, but if you click on the still image below it will take you to the panorama on my website. Once you're there, click to activate the control, and then click again and drag the mouse around (from left to right and back again) to rotate your view in the direction the mouse is moving. The dragging direction feels kind of backwards to me, but that's the way they've implemented it. If you've got your browser set at a high security level to block active content (in Internet Explorer an alert bar comes up across the top of your window with a beep), you'll need to click allow this one through.

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