10 January 2008

Singing off the same hymn sheet

That's what they say in the UK when people are what we in North America would call "on the same page" (or "wavelength"). These lovely sisters in my church gave me permission to post the photo I took of them in one of our services. We are one of the few churches around which still sings in four-part harmony. It's wonderful -- like being part of a heavenly choir! Congregational singing has been a big part of my faith over the years, and like a friend of mine once told me, hymns are part of my prayer language. I've been invited to document our church's worship through photography on a couple of occasions. All the photos in the mini slide show that flips by on the home page were done by me. If you're in the Vancouver area and looking for a church that seeks to integrate faith and the arts; peace, justice, and biblical truth; heart and mind; spiritual formation and mission; people of all generations; lay men and women in ministry...come check us out: Point Grey Inter-Mennonite Fellowship.

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Sørina Higgins said...

Knowing that you took those photos on your church's website brings them to life so much more than if I just thought they were pictures of strangers by some unnamed stranger! And I totally agree with your thoughts on four-part hymn singing. I love when the congregation can participate, and not just the choir. At Grace Church, having a seasonal choir trained enough members of the congregation in four-part singing that the overall quality of hymn-singing improved greatly. I love to be able to do something like that at our current church, which uses a "blended" form of worship which in this particular case means that we don't sing anything well!


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