27 February 2008


I have signed up to participate in the first annual Solo Photography Book Month (affectionately known as SoFoBoMo). It's being organized by my friend and fellow photo blogger, Paul Butzi. The idea is to produce a solo photo book with at least 35 photos, from start to finish (print ready), within one month. We can start any time between March 1 and April 1, but then we have 31 days to finish. I'm planning to do it from April 1 to May 1. I'm a bit daunted by the task, mostly the part about getting 35 photos that are worth publishing in a book within a month. I could probably find 35 photos from my entire oeuvre over the past few years that I'd be willing to publish, but all in one month? That's more than one great photo a day. But as Paul points out, it's not about getting something that's going to win awards, it's about getting something completed, which is the problem most of us face. So I'm looking at this project as a good impetus to get out there and do some more shooting. In order not to waste time with the nitty gritty during the limited month, I'm spending some time now to learn Adobe InDesign, the software I'll use for the book layout.

I'm not yet sure what theme I'll choose for my book. It'll necessarily need to be stuff I can take locally, unless I manage to complete the 35 photos in one week in Texas, where I'm going for Transforming Culture, a symposium on arts and the church. If it's going to be local photography, I could get back to my series on interesting colored houses in Vancouver which I've been wanting to do. Since there are no silly restrictive codes and covenants limiting what color people can paint their houses (like in the neighborhood where I lived in the Eastside of Seattle), there are all kinds of houses painted fun colors -- shocking purple, green with orange trim, ones with fake thatched roofs, etc.

And speaking of amusing local sights, I often see this bus parked along the side of the road not far from my house. You probably have to click to see the larger version to read the smaller text "Please stop when dogs are barking." Vancouver is a very dog friendly city, which is great for me and Cricket. There are off-leash areas in almost all parks, and dogs are allowed to go in swimming at certain parts of the public beach. A lot of business owners put water bowls for dogs out on the sidewalk in front of their shops, and most stores allow people to bring their dogs inside (unless they sell food).

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