10 March 2008

Red-breasted sapsucker; SoFoBoMo update

I saw this red-breasted sapsucker (a kind of woodpecker), doing what its name implies, on Friday on Galiano Island. I hadn't been looking for birds, so I wasn't really prepared. But I did what I always do in such situations: start shooting with the longest lens I have available, no matter how far away I am, and then gradually move closer, continuing to shoot as I go. I figure any photo at all is better than none (if the bird should fly away as soon as I start approaching). But this time I got pretty lucky and was able to pull off some pretty nice shots from about 15-20 feet away, using a 200mm lens. I was delighted to catch him with his beak in the hole.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I'm teaching myself Adobe InDesign in preparation for Solo Photography Book Month (SoFoBoMo), which for me will run form April 1 to May 1. I've been working through the tutorials on a CD-ROM called Mastering InDesign CS, by BDG Publishing (appears to be available for free + shipping here). It's a bit outdated (I have CS2, so some of the menu commands aren't in the same places) and not as scintillating as the training DVDs from Software Cinema that I've used to learn Photoshop, but at least it's helping me to dive in. I am using a photo directory for my church as my learning project. Another photographer who is participating in SoFoBoMo pointed out that InDesign is pretty daunting, which it is. But I figure it's worth learning, as it will come in handy for other things in the future.

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