24 September 2008

Bodega Ridge

Here's another panorama, since people liked the last one so much. This is the view from Bodega Ridge, the second highest point on Galiano Island, looking southwest out over Trincomali Channel. The closest island you can see is Wallace Island. Beyond that is Salt Spring Island, and beyond that Vancouver Island.

I posted a Bodega Ridge panorama a while back, too, but this one is at sunset and you can see it all at once without scrolling.

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Anonymous said...

I really like you panoramas.
This year for my Master's project I am building a camera a recreating crimiean war photos. The pictures are panoramic. (the Crimean war was the first war to be documented in the medium of photography...you should check out John Fenton's photos!)
Its quite a chllenging project, and I have never developed my own film before--so it is fun.


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