16 February 2009

Getting feedback

I'm thrilled to report that my bleeding heart photo (see Feb 13 post) was selected by one of the admins of the "A" Class group on Flickr, and I was invited to post it on their best Valentine's Day photos thread. What a way to get more traffic and comments! Much as I like to think I do my photography just for the joy of it and to be a blessing to others, I have to admit to some baser motives: the kudos I get are part of what keeps me going.

It's been a while since I've done a mystery photo, so here's one.


Dharam said...


Rosie's off-line now for Lent
Flowers lie in front of nose!

Rosie Perera said...

Nobody guessed this one, and I kind of forgot all about it. It's the chandelier in my library/prayer room, seen from below, pretty much in the dark (no flash; I shot it at ISO 1600 with a slow shutter speed - 1/8 of a second).


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