05 July 2009

SoFoBoMo Book

OK, I’ve decided on a solution so that I can post my book. I added a page of text explaining the situation and posted the PDF as is. Hopefully I won’t get sued (apparently it’s not very likely: see “Can a Recipe Be Stolen?”), and maybe I’ll even inspire some purchases of the cookbooks that some of the recipes are drawn from.

Here is the link to the completed book on the SoFoBoMo page:

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Sørina Higgins said...

Hello, there, Rosie! I'm sorry I haven't been over here in forever.

This cookbook/photo collection is lovely. I know there are copywrite concerns, but do you think I could print it out and give a copy to Nadine? She's an avid cook, as well as singer and scholar....

How are you these days?


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