22 April 2008

SoFoBoMo: Day 23

I started a couple of days early, so I've only got a week left of my "fuzzy month." But I am going to be away in Atlanta for most of that time, taking more pictures no doubt. So I'm going to have to make my fuzzy month longer than 31 calendar days. I claim the right to do that because I have had big chunks of time in the middle of this month when I've been busy with other things and have had to put the SoFoBoMo project on hold. I plan to enter full time into editing and compilation mode immediately upon return. I've already been doing some selecting and editing as I go.

Yesterday I went shooting at the A Rocha field study centre and got some nice shots. A Rocha is a worldwide organization of Christians doing environmental conservation work. I'm friends with the couple who head up the Canadian arm of it. They've invited me to do some photography for them, for their website and newsletters. This one shows the farm side of their property. I tend to prefer close-up work, but I think I've been looking at Paul Butzi's photos long enough that the beauty of a wide shot of a rural setting is starting to rub off on me. The small size of this blog format doesn't do it justice, so you need to click on it to see it enlarged.

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