09 April 2008

SoFoBoMo good for blog stats!

Cool! I just noticed that the number of visitors to my blog has shot up since I started my SoFoBoMo posts. That's a mixed blessing. It's always fun to get more traffic, but it puts the pressure on to keep posting good stuff. I have literally no time to be doing this right now, but I can't keep from looking at the photos I took in Texas. I've selected one that can stand with no post-processing. Oh, sure, I could do stuff to it, like lighten up the shadows at the bottom (or maybe not -- I've just come from the TCS where we heard about the importance of grappling with darkness in art, to avoid glib sentimentality -- not that this photo would be in danger of that without the blackness). Or maybe I could extend the sky a bit on the top to make up for my having been so fascinated by the patterns in the fence rail that I perhaps framed out a bit too much of the environment. Well, I'd better not write more now, or I might just as well have spent this time tweaking photos.

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