18 July 2008

Chicken Hearts

Cricket and I had the most divine time on Wednesday at Heavenly Spa, with Cindy Horsfall, our canine water therapist. We spent time in the water just holding her, crying together, talking about this special time. Cricket was very relaxed and enjoyed the warm water and the loving attention. Afterwards we took her outside to lie on the grass and dry in the sun. It was a gorgeous day, the birds were chirping, and Cricket was in bliss. I told Teri, who runs the spa, my story about Cricket and the organic chicken heart. She replied that she always feeds chicken hearts to her older dogs, and in fact had a couple of tubs of them in her kitchen right then, which she brought out and gave to me. And you'll never believe the brand name -- Rosie Chicken Hearts! Cricket loves them and is eating well for the first time in weeks, putting weight back on. I'm also feeding her sardines which Teri recommended. Ah, poor Cricket, that she had to wait until this late in her life to eat like the amazing being she is. But she's enjoying it now!

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