24 July 2008

New set of wheels!

Cricket is now traveling in style. We've retired the leash (she wouldn't be able to run away anyway) and joined the baby jogger crowd. I bought this stroller today at Toys 'R' Us. I lined it with a foam pad and put one of Cricket's beds in it, covered with an underpad in case of any leaks. And off we went to Pacific Spirit Park for a stroll. It's the first time we've been there in months, if not over a year. She hasn't been able to walk very far and I haven't had the desire to go for walks by myself there. But I need the exercise, and she is getting bored being cooped up inside all day. The front lawn is a lovely place to hang out and watch people go by, but I thought it would be nice, for whatever days she has left, to let her see a bit of the wider world once again. Even if this is her last day in this life, I feel we've already gotten our money's worth on the stroller. What a joy it was! We got all kinds of interesting looks and a few comments from people we passed. And Cricket LOVED it! She perked right up and was so engaged with everything she saw.


Anonymous said...

Hee heee! Love the stroller!

Unknown said...

Hi Rosie, Thank you for sharing your life with Cricket! I am hospicing my 13.5 year old pitt/rotti x.I lam looking for a stroller and wondered what type that was you had for Cricket!. I live in MAnitoba but am currently in Florida with my boy. I am so glad I found that dog hospice exists and is not just me going crazy! all the best Andrea & Sabo

Rosie Perera said...

Andrea, it's a Little Tikes Cozy Cruiser. It's not the greatest quality, but in terms of the space it has for a dog bed, it was perfect for me and Cricket. I wasn't going to go jogging with her, just slowly wheeling her around, so it didn't need to be built like a tank. It also converts from a stroller to a bike trailer if you want to do it that way.


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