26 December 2008

Let it snow, redux

Well, the snow did eventually come, and come, and come. Buckets of it! It just won't stop. As of Wednesday morning, we'd had 62 centimeters (about 2 feet) of accumulated snow since all of this began. And probably about 10-15 cm more has fallen since. Closing in on an all-time record snow fall for Vancouver for the month of December. We did have the record accumulated snow on the ground by Dec 25, so it was the whitest Christmas ever for our fair city. Here are some photos:

A tree in my yard.

Icicles on my house.

The view out my front door.

After I shoveled my walk.

Someone's car. Yes, I think that's a car!


Anonymous said...

you don't know me, but these pictures are beautiful. i rarely see snow and...i'm just jealous! lol.

Angela said...

Good luck to that person, getting their car out!

armpitstalker, hencethe said...

i miss the snow!


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