05 December 2008


I have much to be thankful for this season. I'm still in the Thanksgiving mood, even more than a week later. I continue to be impressed with the way President-elect Obama is thoughtfully putting together his team, fostering transparency in government, and soliciting input from the people. I love the way he's using a YouTube channel to keep people informed, and we can "join the discussion" and give our suggestions (which they take seriously) at Change.gov. Very interesting "Inside the Transition: Health Care" video, for example.

Well, enough politics. I'm also very thankful for the great time I had with my cousins over an extended Thanksgiving weekend. We had our turkey meal at Point Roberts and went for a hike down to the beach. There we saw these interesting rock formations.

Here we are playing a game of "Bananagrams" (aka Speed Scrabble) at Arbutus Cottage on Galiano Island.

An arbutus tree.

There's an awesome view behind the fog on the hike up to Bodega Ridge, honest.

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armpitstalker said...

beautiful photos, which I've already seen. re speed scrabble etc. rick and I used some of the same words (which we won't reprint here) in our scrabble games a couple of weeks ago, his apartment, NYC. He seemed surprised but I told him my inspiration and support was the girls' bananagrams game back in Nov.


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